Using Results

The Results panel displays the output from using the Identify tool, from a search using Find, or from other operations that output information.

To open the Results window

Navigating the Results window

  • After doing a Find or Identify, one or more Location or Find items will be added to Results.
  • If you do another Find or Identify, the new results items are added to the top of the list in Results. Previous Locations remain in the list.
  • To see information associated with a Location or Find result, click the plus icon to the left of the Location or Find item.
  • When you expand a Location or Find item, you will see one or more layer names. Expand a layer to see the features found within that layer at the location. Features are listed using the value of the first string field in the attributes.
  • To see details for a feature, click its plus icon . This displays attribute field names and values for the feature.

  • Right-click on an item in Results for options:
    Location Repeat the task

    Refresh the data

    Remove this Location from Results
    Layer in location Zoom to checked features in Results

    Remove the layer from Results
    Feature in layer Zoom to this feature

    Center map on this feature

    Remove this feature from Results

Selecting with the Results window

Features may be selected (highlighted) by clicking the check-box next to feature names: . This causes the feature(s) to be highlighted on the map. By default the highlighting has a cyan (blue-green) outline or fill, but this may be set to a different color by the creator of the map service.

Zooming to Features

You can zoom to one or more features in the Results window. See the table above for illustrations of the right-click menus.