Getting Started

The Web Mapping Application enables you to explore a map and find information useful to you.

How it works

The Web Mapping Application page has multiple windows of information that open, close, and can be moved around:
  • The map provides a wealth of spatial information for the City.
  • Along the top, a Toolbar holds a set of tools for interacting with the map and links to other websites.
  • Table of Contents, on the left side of the page, allows users to select which layers are visible.
  • The navigation control lets you zoom in/out and pan around the city.
  • Search is used to find an address or feature by name.
  • Magnifier provides a closeup view.
  • Graphics Tools are used to mark up the map and measure features
  • Identify displays attributes of a map feature.

Working with moveable elements

Some elements, such as the Graphics Tools window and the Magnifier window, may be moved around the page, collapsed and closed. You can arrange these elements to suit your own work.

To move elements, click and hold with the left mouse button on the title bar of the element. As you hover over the element's title bar, the cursor changes to a pointing hand, indicating you can move it by clicking and dragging.

Drag the element to the position you want, then release the mouse button.

Close a moveable window by clicking the close button on the upper right corner. Most windows may be re-opened from the appropriate location. For example, the Measure and Magnifier windows may be re-opened from the Toolbar.